This trip has given me time and space to dare look deeper into myself. You have been fantastic hosts who have created a safe place to dare to explore ourselves and the energies around.
Everything may not seem so simple, but I have gained an increased confidence that everyone can learn to feel deeper within ourselves and influence more than we think. It has been exciting to explore and use the powers we all have within us! Everything from rewarding conversations to exciting activities.
I have got new thoughts that I hope will create new patterns for future feelings and experiences .. Thank you for them!
I can warmly recommend others to meet the healing energies in these retreats on Mallorca.
Thanks for a warm welcome, nice days and a life experience beyond the ordinary!
— Jenny, Alingsås
I just want express my gratitude for a lovely retreat and course in Mallorca. You had arranged it fantastic in every way. You really took care of us, you arranged our transfers, guided tours, meals and everythinge else we needed. It was nice with morning yoga out in the open. The course and program had several interesting topics that we had the opportunity to both talk a little extra about and then we got to practice them with some exercises. The excursion when we walked together in silence in the beautiful nature was useful and is certainly well needed in our daily stress full lives. That you brought us to a restaurant in Palma one evening was cozy. You had really succeeded with all good food, it became new dishes and taste experiences for me. The food also tastes even better when you eat outdoors, which we could do at several different beautiful spots during these days. The house with the garden was mighty, there was all the amenities and it was especially luxurious that I got my own room. Thank you you nice and wise ... I was really taken care of, and spoiled.
— Lea, Karlskoga
1 + 1 = 3! I have participated in seminars and other different activities with CG and Maria and become so enriched every time. With their cooperation and with the harmony and unity between them, they create something completely unique.
— Märta, Stockholm
My Reiki Sessions with Maria are so much more than an hour of Reiki treatment. It is a healing that is taken place on so many levels. I started a series of sessions with Maria a few months ago. I needed her help to make it easer for me to overcome a challenging period in my life, reduce internal energy blocks and stress - and she has been so professional and wonderful in her work. On top of helping me overcoming my issues, her intuitive skills, has provided me with answers and spiritual guidance that has made my path easier to walk. Maria has a warm and loving personality, and I give her my very best recommendations.
— Carlos, Mallorca
It was a beautiful experience that shows it is more after leaving our body. For me, it was an experience after spending the hours I took more relevance within me. My millions of thanks for a wonderful evening.
— Esther, Mallorca
It has been beautiful to see and feel the messages and signals of our loved ones !! I am happy and grateful and full of love to receive this experience with an open heart. Thank you Maria for your dedication. May life continue to unite us beyond time and distance. I will carry this experience in my heart
— Diana, Mallorca
What an evening. Giddy and shaky. Was so enormously tired yesterday after my mother’s visit. Hard to understand what frequency I should be on. Was so incredibly special from the funeral of my aunt. What a nice interaction CG and Maria had. It felt very nice that you were and kept in security when Maria embarked on strong experiences and met one after another. I am shaky and flabby but still a little calm. Do not care about taking a position on what is true or not. I just know what I experienced yesterday and I carry it with me in my heart.
— Anna, Stockholm
Maria is wonderfully humble and respectful of what we might possibly encounter. She explained carefully before we started how she communicated with our loved ones on the other side. Those who came to us with message, she conveyed in a warm, loving way. She made sure that we understood the messages we got and also that the entities on the other side were able to convey what was important to them. I’ve been to a lot of seances, and this is among the finest I’ve been to. I wish you all the best of luck in your projects and are happy to be “ambassador” if you need “”
— Petra, Stockholm
Una experiencia hermosa y emocionante!!!! Fui sin saber exactamente con que me iba a encontrar, ahora se que nuestros seres queridos jamás dejan de estar con nosotros y acompañarnos! Muchas gracias maria
— Christian, Mallorca
I have had Reiki sessions before, but never a session combined with a seance. The combo had a much deeper impact on me. We started with the seance were loved ones from the other side came with messages, messages that gave me closure, messages of love, and for me, true healing. The Reiki treatment that followed, also came with messages from them that made me feel they were part of the Reiki I received. I signed up for a series of sessions after this, something I never have regretted. It helped me, and turned my difficulties and challenges around. I am so grateful to Maria and can really recommend a combo sessions as a start. For me it was a transformation, so grateful.
— Katia, Mallorca