When you come for an hour's spiritual guidance, we start by sensing you as a person and describe what you radiate, what messages that comes to us. Then we tune in on which deceased relatives that follow you and what they wish to tell you. We will describe the person, or any characteristic that the person has so that you can confirm if you know who it is. Then conveying the message from the deceased person, and you can ask questions. The contact we get with dead relatives can be weak or strong. Sometimes they also want to convey greetings to other relatives. They usually tell you what is important here and now, but never information about diseases or deaths. You might also receive messages from guides and/or angels.

In the end of the session you can ask questions related to your life right now, a relationship, work or something where you need guidance. We work intuitively and describe what comes to us, sometimes with the help of using the tarot-, oracle- or angel cards.

Our work is based on love, light and gratitude. After a session with us, you will feel that a healing has taken place.

Maria is wonderfully humble and respectful of what we might possibly encounter. She explained carefully before we started how she communicated with our loved ones on the other side. Those who came to us with message, she conveyed in a warm, loving way. She made sure that we understood the messages we got and also that the entities on the other side were able to convey what was important to them. I’ve been to a lot of seances, and this is among the finest I’ve been to. I wish you all the best of luck in your projects and are happy to be “ambassador” if you need.
— Petra, Stockholm