Our Retreats

A beautiful retreat in the island of Mallorca silencing the noise around you

A place where the energy and nature collaborate to build the right conditions for your wellbeing and inner development. 

Days where you can meet others and enjoy conscious living through nature, healthy food, hiking, yoga, stillness, meditation, healing, horse riding, seminars etc.

Days where you can share, mirror and bring love to your self and others. A retreat that offers the possibility to look within, and without, to realize who you truly are and to see that you are connected to all beings.

Creating a start for a true change from within.

To allow yourself to experience an authentic life in the present moment with love, light and gratitude.

Upcoming retreats & courses!

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Retreat & basic course in Mediumship

20-24 May 2020, Mallorca

A unique retreat/course in Mallorca, together with us and Anna-Lena Vikström, a well known medium and seeress from Lappland. Take part in a 2-day basic course in mediumship in a beautiful setting together with her and develop your intuition and spiritual abilities. Anna-Lena will blend theory, practice, sharing and showing that we all have the abilities within us!

This is also an opportunity to give your self retreat days where you find inner peace and connect to your true self. We do this through guided meditations, tailored exercises and reflection. You will get tools assisting you in a stressful day-to-day life.

We offer you time where you can share, mirror and bring love to your self and others. A possibility to look within, and without, to realize who you truly are and to see that you are connected to all beings.

Enjoy these lovely days with like-minded people, Mallorca’s magical energy, good food and relaxing time by the pool.

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Give Your Self time…

Welcome to a retreat with us in lovely Mallorca in September next year. In magical surroundings we will spend days giving us time understanding ourselves on a deeper level, getting tools to continue the work when you get home.

More info to come…

This trip has given me time and space to dare look deeper into myself. You have been fantastic hosts who have created a safe place to dare to explore ourselves and the energies around.
Everything may not seem so simple, but I have gained an increased confidence that everyone can learn to feel deeper within ourselves and influence more than we think. It has been exciting to explore and use the powers we all have within us! Everything from rewarding conversations to exciting activities.
I have got new thoughts that I hope will create new patterns for future feelings and experiences. Thank you!
I can warmly recommend others to meet the healing energies in these retreats on Mallorca.
Thanks for a warm welcome, nice days and a life experience beyond the ordinary!
— Jenny, Alingsås
I just want express my gratitude for a lovely retreat and course in Mallorca. You had arranged it fantastic in every way. You really took care of us, you arranged our transfers, guided tours, meals and everythinge else we needed. It was nice with morning yoga out in the open. The course and program had several interesting topics that we had the opportunity to both talk a little extra about and then we got to practice them with some exercises. The excursion when we walked together in silence in the beautiful nature was useful and is certainly well needed in our daily stress full lives. That you brought us to a restaurant in Palma one evening was cozy. You had really succeeded with all good food, it became new dishes and taste experiences for me. The food also tastes even better when you eat outdoors, which we could do at several different beautiful spots during these days. The house with the garden was mighty, there was all the amenities and it was especially luxurious that I got my own room. Thank you you nice and wise ... I was really taken care of, and spoiled.
— Lea, Karlskoga

Retreats for corporations

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