Reiki is a soft and effective treatment for stress, pain, anxiety, physical, mental and emotional tension. Reiki strengthen the life energy and activates and stimulates the body's own natural ability to heal and recover. You activate the immune system and the self-healing power from within!

The person receiving treatment is on a massage table and is wearing her/his clothes. I then move my hands around the body in different positions (most commonly you start with your head, neck, shoulders, stomach and finish with your back) until the treatment is completed. What you experience during a treatment is very individual depending on how open and sensitive you are as a person.

Most people feel that my hands get very warm or cold and that energy flows like a wave through the body, other people may experience that you just become very calm and relaxed in the body after the treatment.

After a treatment you usually feel both relaxed and filled with energy at the same time - a very pleasant experience for both body and soul. Your immune system starts to work and heal your body. You become more balanced physically, emotionally, mentally and it also strengthen the spiritual and creative energy.

Reiki in its present form comes from Japan with roots in Tibet.

Private Session, 60-75 min

I tailor a treatment series to your needs.


A wonderful opportunity to give you a session of true healing by combining seance and Reiki.

Reiki is a soft yet effective treatment method for stress and pain, anxiety and physical, emotional and mental tensions. Here I also give you the opportunity for a deeper healing through messages from the other side, from your deceased loved ones.

Private Session, 120 - 150 min

My Reiki Sessions with Maria are so much more than an hour of Reiki treatment. It is a healing that is taken place on so many levels. I started a series of sessions with Maria a few months ago. I needed her help to make it easer for me to overcome a challenging period in my life, reduce internal energy blocks and stress - and she has been so professional and wonderful in her work. On top of helping me overcoming my issues, her intuitive skills, has provided me with answers and spiritual guidance that has made my path easier to walk. Maria has a warm and loving personality, and I give her my very best recommendations.
— Carlos, Mallorca