- Welcome to a spiritual evening/afternoon full of love, light and gratitude!

We arrange spiritual evenings for groups. Through a seance, we connect with friends and loved ones on the other side to channel messages, love and blessings.

We will start with a short guided meditation allowing us to be in the moment, relaxed and fully present leaving all stress and problems behind. Then we connect with friends and loved ones on the other side to channel messages, love and blessings for you. We will end the evening/afternoon with a guided meditation allowing you to learn more about yourself and your true path.

We arrange group evenings/afternoons for you to join (please see calendar). We are also happy to hold a session in your house for you and your friends with different themes. Please contact us for more information!

Group size is 6-9. Time: approx. 3 hours including refreshments.

- basic meditation practice

Our goal is for you to commit to 15 min/day of meditation practice!

Research shows the positive effects of daily meditation. It changes the brain structure, reduces stress and improves concentration. It also helps you to become more aware of the present moment.

We blend theory with simple exercises to show you how simple it could be. The techniques we use is about preparations, getting keys to find the present moment, breathing, paying attention to your body, training the mind to observe, focus and filter.

After the seminar the participants bring with them handy tools to integrate in a simple way in both everyday and working life.

It was a beautiful experience that shows it is more after leaving our body. For me, it was an experience after spending the hours I took more relevance within me. My millions of thanks for a wonderful evening
— Esther, Mallorca