Love, Light & Gratitude

Creation of inner and outer conditions for allowing true and lasting changes from within.

We help you bring in a holistic view in a day-to-day corporate life as a key to a more present leadership and corporate culture.

- why it is your ultimate tool for success

Our goal is for you to commit to 15 min/day of meditation practice for achieving a meditative approach and becoming more present!

Research shows the positive effects of daily meditation. It changes the brain structure, reduces stress and improves concentration. It also leads to more efficient decision-making.

We blend theory with simple exercises to show you how simple it could be. The techniques we use is about preparations, getting keys to find the present moment, breathing, paying attention to your body, training the mind to observe, focus and filter.

After the seminar the participants bring with them handy tools to integrate in a simple way in both everyday and working life.

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- if you want something truly unique

A beautiful retreat in the island of Mallorca silencing the noise around you. A place where the energy and nature collaborate to build the right conditions for you and your team, your wellbeing and inner & outer development.

Together we customize your stay. We allow you to fully focus on your business agenda and key priorities for these days.

We provide the Retreat Concept for Corporations. This means days in a beautiful Mallorca Finca, in stillness with meditation, mindfulness and seminars with tools that you can incorporate when you get back home that are scientifically proven to increase presence, team spirit and productivity.

Look forward to days where you will meet yourself and your colleagues in new ways and capitalize on your true and untapped potential, from traditional to a more holistic approach.

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- from a traditional to a spiritual life

Welcome to a seminar where we will address questions related to how we live our life and how we want to treat our selves and others. What is stopping us?

It is also about a journey. A journey where we struggle to find the answers how to live an authentic life. About the courage to dare to let go and challenge yourself. Seeing oneself beyond the profession, title, money, living address, abilities, beyond all identities and labels. Who am I then? Who am I not? What’s important to me?

Welcome to a seminar with true and inspiring talks and discussions combined with guided meditations and reflections.

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1 + 1 = 3! I have participated in seminars and other different activities with CG and Maria and become so enriched every time. With their cooperation and with the harmony and unity between them, they create something completely unique.
— Märta, Stockholm