With love, light and gratitude…

A wonderful opportunity to give you a session of true healing by combining seance and Reiki.

Reiki is a soft yet effective treatment method for stress and pain, anxiety and physical, emotional and mental tensions. Here I also give you the opportunity for a deeper healing through messages from the other side, from your deceased loved ones.

Private Session, 120 min

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120 min

HEALING & meditation
Palma de Mallorca
7 Nov., 19.30-21.30 &
5 DEC., 19.30-21.30

Welcome to evenings with guided meditation and healing work

Welcome to evenings where we let ourselves be inspired and energized. The evenings include healing, guided meditations and a special topic.

We work with intuition, the chakra system, life energy.

Come as you are & be filled with
Love, Light & Gratitude 

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Spiritual Evening

14 Nov., 18.30-21.30

15 DEC., 19.00-22.00

Welcome to an evening with Seance and Guided Meditation

We will start with a short guided meditation to allowing us to be in the moment, relaxed and fully present leaving all stress and problems behind.

A group seance will be held, where we connect with friends and loved ones on the other side to channel messages, love and blessings for you.

We will end the evening with a guided chakra meditation. This is a powerful tool to be aware of your true self and be in the present moment.

Refreshments are included in the price.
To sign up, send a mail to: info@changesfromwithin.com

may 20-24, 2020

Welcome to a 4 day retreat/course in lovely Mallorca - a unique opportunity!

A retreat/course weekend in Mallorca, together with us and Anna-Lena Vikström, a well known spiritual medium and seeress from Lappland.

An opportunity to develop your medium abilities with this course in basic mediumship,

Enjoy these lovely days with like-minded people, magical energy, good food and relaxing time by the pool.

For inquiries and booking:

Welcome to a retreat with us in lovely Mallorca in September next year. In magical surroundings we will spend days giving us time understanding ourselves on a deeper level, getting tools to continue the work when you get home.

More info to follow…

For more info when available, send a mail to: info@changesfromwithin.com

Retreat -
give yourself time…
Sept 2 - 6, 2020