Believe Or Not To Believe

”I believe I exist as an Eternal Consciousness, as a full and complete, in its own right, copy of all there is. I believe I exist on many levels. I believe on some levels, my existence is limited in time, while on others I exist beyond and that ultimately, we are all one.

I believe I have entered time to be part of creation.. 

I believe I am here to express love in as many forms as possible. 

I believe I am here in this dimension to let light shine in the darkest corners av my human being and with the help of time and many lives, become aware of my true self, realize who I am and reach enlightenment. 

I believe in Karma as an integral part of our existens.  

I believe in the present moment. 

I believe in the ego as a necessary tool for survival, for development and creation and ultimately, the enabler of my liberation.

I believe in balance between my Eternal Consciousness, Body, Heart, Mind and Ego. 

I believe that without balance, we create hell on earth, hell for others and ourselves. 

I don’t believe in a judgmental God, I don’t believe in a God that punishes us and I don’t believe in a God that creates hell for us. I believe that the hell we experience, is our inability to accept who we truly are.

I believe in a single Source Consciousness as the ultimate nature of existens. 

I believe The Single Source Consciousness to be the creator of myriad of worlds, where we human beings live in one. 

I believe that The Single Source Consciousness, Spirit, flows through everything and everyone. 

I believe, that we are all connected, all connected like the waves to other waves, like the wave is to the ocean.

I believe that separation exists only within the mind, and truly, we are all one.

I believe that the only way to experience peace is within. 

I believe that outside of ourselves, everything that happens, is simply life. Life as a continuous flow of birth and death on all levels. 

I believe that trying to control life outside of ourselves will lead to a self inflicted hell. 

I believe that by creating peace within, you live a happy life. 

I believe that ultimately, nothing is in this or that way and that nothing exists in itself.

I believe that every religion, any belief that is expressed trying to explain what happens when we die, where we come from, the purpose of life or what is, is just a window created into the unknown.

I believe what we experience through the window into the unknown is mirroring and answering to our level of consciousness and our human being.

I believe Gaia, Mother Earth and humanity is entering a new era, a new era fundamentally different from what we have known. 

I believe that the only true way through these challenging times of transitions are  our own self transformation, self  realization, where we should let love and light flow into our inner most corners of our human existence. 

I believe that no-one is able to tell you your truth. 

I believe your view of the world is your unique experience mirroring your inner being. 

I believe your future is set by your Karma, positions of planets and stars at your time of birth and throughout your life and the choices you make. 

I believe you have a free will, a possibility to influence your future. 

I believe we all have a choice. ”